An underground dog fence is a great and less expensive substitute than wood, chain link or ornamental fencing to keep your dog on your property safely.

The underground electronic dog fence, is hidden to the eye and is extremely reliable to keep a dog from running off.  The electronic dog fence for dogs certainly is a secure and tested method to keep the pet safe in your property with the correct dog training approach.

A  electronic  dog fence  containment system consists of a boundary wire, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is usually located in a garage or crawlspace or out of the weather near a 110 outlet. The dog fence wire which is buried and is marked with a temporary training boundary to teach the dog its new area.

Whenever the dog gets within range (depends on dogs personality) the collar will emit a tone and correction to let the dog it has entered the off limits area. The training to the underground electronic dog fence is of utmost importance.  The more training you do with the dog the easier it will be for your dog to understand the hidden fencing.

If the hidden electronic dog fence is of low quality you may find that it does not contain your dog or is not consistent in the field settings, correction levels or overall reliability.  Underground dog fencing is not black and white.  There are a lot of grey areas involved.   That is why Contain-A-Pet of Milwaukee uses only quality American made products and are professional dog trainers.

An electronic dog fenceis an excellent choice to contain your dog. You as the owner must take the time to train your dog the underground fence and maintain it accordingly.

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