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An underground dog fence is a great and less expensive substitute than wood, chain link or ornamental fencing to keep your dog on your property safely.

The underground electronic dog fence, is hidden to the eye and is extremely reliable to keep a dog from running off.  The electronic dog fence for dogs certainly is a secure and tested method to keep the pet safe in your property with the correct dog training approach.

A  electronic  dog fence  containment system consists of a boundary wire, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is usually located in a garage or crawlspace or out of the weather near a 110 outlet. The dog fence wire which is buried and is marked with a temporary training boundary to teach the dog its new area.

Whenever the dog gets within range (depends on dogs personality) the collar will emit a tone and correction to let the dog it has entered the off limits area. The training to the underground electronic dog fence is of utmost importance.  The more training you do with the dog the easier it will be for your dog to understand the hidden fencing.

If the hidden electronic dog fence is of low quality you may find that it does not contain your dog or is not consistent in the field settings, correction levels or overall reliability.  Underground dog fencing is not black and white.  There are a lot of grey areas involved.   That is why Contain-A-Pet of Milwaukee uses only quality American made products and are professional dog trainers.

An electronic dog fenceis an excellent choice to contain your dog. You as the owner must take the time to train your dog the underground fence and maintain it accordingly.

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E- Collar Vs Milwaukee Dog Fence Containment Systems

E- Collar Vs Milwaukee Dog Fence Containment Systems

People struggle with the different choices that are readily available for dog training. The cheapest option is ot always the best or most efficient option. E-collars are an electronic device that allows a pet owner to use a remote to teach a dog that doing certain behaviors will cause a negative reaction from the collar. These may be a cheap alternative to buying a dog fence containment system but do you have the time required and experience to train the dog.

How Much Time Do Your Have to Spare?

Most owners are not with their dogs all the time when they are outside. Dogs love to lay in the grass on a sunny day. They love to chase animals. If you are with your dog all the time and its no problem that great. If you cannot be with them and they only get out when you are around that can tedious for both you and your pet.

If you are considering an e-collar so you can leave your dog outside alone please reconsider.  A E-collar is designed to end behaviors problems not keep your dog contained. Even if your dog learns the dog fence boundaries right away they will eventually cross it when they are drawn out and you are not there to give a correction.

Physiological Damage

With the e-collar if you have never used one it can be very dangerous. If not used right you can cause psychological damage to your dog. What happens if a child  or a uncaring individual gets hold of the remote. If not used properly you can really terrify and confuse a dog. They will become depressed and will not want to go outside.  Some pets become so scared that the will start using the bathroom in the house because they do not want to go outside.

Milwaukee Fence

If you have a yard or a space that can be used by your dog, a Milwaukee dog fence is the way to go. They allow you keep the beauty of the yard while giving you and your dog the freedom you both deserve. The Milwaukee Dog fence system can be installed quickly and your dog trained in a matter of weeks. Purchasing a Contain-A-Pet Dog fence system also gives you another advantage that no other company offers. A professional dog trainer to train you and your dog to the fence as well as  assist you with all your dog behavior or training needs.

Unless your are a professional dog trainer, do your dog a favor and skip the e-collar. Invest in something you both will benefit from. You will get peace of mind while your best friend gets to roam your property safe and secure.

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Hartland 4th of July Parade


JUNE 27, 2010

Thanks to all of our friends and family that helped at the Hartland Hometown Parade!

Hartland’s Hometown Celebration

Hartland’s Hometown Celebration
Sponsored by the Village of Hartland
June 27, 2010
Parade 1:30 pm

The Village continues it’s great tradition of bringing to Hartland
the best parade and celebration in the Lake Country area!

Lions Club Summer Festival

Mukwonago Lion’s Club summer festival including rides, carnival, softball tournaments, car show, bands, food and beverages, carnival and fireworks and a parade on Father’s Day beginning at noon.

Parade Information:

Parade starts at Noon and runs down Hwy 83. All businesses and organizations are welcome to enter their float in the parade – there is no fee to enter. Floats are judged in the following categories: Fire Departments, Business General, Business Youth, Civic Novelty, Youth Group, Equestrian

Line up starts at 11:00 am (River Crest Ct & Main Street)  Contact Jim Nelson at 309-267-4439 or Tim Sperstad at 262-363-4084

Oconomowoc’s Annual Christmas parade

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Come down to see or participate in Oconomowoc’s Annual Christmas parade in Downtown Oconomowoc, sponsored by the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce. Contain-A-Pet of Milwaukee will have a float in the Parade. A good time for all including our four legged friends.

Parade lineup is on Oakwood Avenue at 2 pm.  Parade travels south down Oakwood Avenue to Walnut Street, then west on Wisconsin Avenue to Main Street, south on Main Street to Roosevelt Park.  For more information or an entry form, please contact the Chamber at (262) 567-2666.

HAWS Pet Costume Contest


BOO N’ DOGGLE Pet Costume Contest

Join  HAWS Sat Oct 31 from 1:00- 3:00 pm on Main Street Dousman for a fun contest for you and your pet. All proceeds go to benefit our shelter animals! Humans are free with a 7.00 entry fee for your pet.

Dog Fence Review – Choose The Best Dog Containment System For Your Dog

Dog Fence Review.  Choose the best dog containment system for your dog.

Should I buy a dog containment system via a retail store, catalog or the internet?

As a master dog trainer and a electric dog fence owner, I would emphatically say No to purchasing any dog containment system this way!  The following reasons explain why I am making this statement:

First and most importantly, it is very easy to psychologically damage your dog if the proper dog training and dog conditioning is not done.

Most people  just put the electric dog fence collar on their dog and shock the heck out of their dog in the name of dog training and conditioning.  Some dogs (depending on the dog personality or dog temperament) can learn this way; but you scare them doing it.  You can scar a dog doing this especially if this occurs during one of the two fear imprint stages a dog progresses through during their early years.  In addition, you run the risk of your dog pooping in the house and being afraid to go out doors.

The correction is not the reason most dogs stay in their yards! Proper training and conditioning is the reason dogs stay in their yard.  I often hear people tell me about the dogs they see running down the street that are on these store bought dog containment systems.  Training, conditioning and system reliability may very well be the reason this occurring.

Other dogs (the more dominant, stubborn and high energy) tend to think the correction they are receiving around their neck is just a part of life.  They learn to ignore it or take the pain.  If they see something outside the dog fence they want, they go.

The only way I would buy one of these electric dog containment systems (via the methods addressed above) is if I knew a professional dog trainer that would help me with the training.

This is true with a full service dog fence company as well.  I would just not assume that the person working with your dog is qualified to train.  I would make sure!  And, in most cases I would make sure your trainer is a real dog trainer capable of reading your dog’s personality and temperament.

This would be just one concern I would look at when performing a dog fence review.  There are other articles on this page that addresses other concerns.  Feel free to review and call me with questions.  My number is 414-416-1683.

Dog Fence Review – Proper Methods For Dog Fence Training

Buying the best dog containment system that is being offered in the Milwaukee area is one of the easier steps to do if you do your homework. However; the responsibility does not stop with choosing which dog fence system to buy..

To prevent psychological damage to your dog and to ensure your dog’s safety on the dog containment system, I would encourage you to find a professional dog trainer that has used these type of pet containment systems or the electric dog collar in general. Very few dog containment companies have real dog trainers in their workforce. If your local dog fence company does not have a professional dog trainer, hire a trainer locally who is familiar with training dogs on electronic dog collars. You will be glad you did.

Personality, temperament and drive is what makes each dog who he is. Like humans, each dog is a little different. This is why we recommend you have a professional trainer to assist with dog training on the fence.

This is what happens in the training process AFTER the dog evaluation occurs (Do not follow these guidelines for your dog unless you have seen or have been advised by a professional trainer. This is just a general review of what happens during training.):

The first step in training before you leave your dog unleashed on the dog fence system is to acquaint him to the boundaries of your property. You could use flags to mark the boundaries. (Your Contain-A-Pet dealer/trainer may also recommend a string and flag fence if your dog is of a certain temperament.) Once you start using the electric dog fence, it is these boundaries that the dog would have to learn in order to keep the electronic dog collar from beeping. You have to teach your pet the boundaries of the dog containment system. You have to teach your dog that when it hears the tone it must run away from the boundaries towards the center of the yard or your home. This will teach him that he needs to be within the boundary in order to avoid the beeping sound and correction. This process usually lasts approximately 5 to 7 days.

The next step would be to attach a long leash line to your dog and have someone walk towards the boundary and see if your dog would follow. If he tries to cross the boundary then it may mean that you will have to repeat the first step again. If your dog does stop at the boundary, he has learned the first lesson correctly and now you can increase testing to ensure he does not cross the boundary.

Use bigger distractions like balls, Frisbees, etc thrown outside the boundary and watch whether your dog will get them. If he does, go back to step one. If he adheres to the boundaries, praise him tremendously. It is now time to leave your dog unleashed but always under constant supervision until you’re completely satisfied that he will not test the boundary.

Be patient and be sure your dog has adjusted to the dog fence system before you allow him to run unsupervised. You can begin removing flags when you’re sure that the dog has learned the boundary limits. Always ask your trainer first.

This is a general guide to the proper training on the dog fence system. Only the ill-informed or uncaring dog owner would turn their dog out on the dog fence without training. Remember, to always ask a professional trainer the proper way to train your particular dog before you get started.

Dog Fence Review – 1 Year Containment Guarantee vs 30 Days – It’s A No Brainer

You purchased a dog containment system to keep your dog or cat in your yard, right?  What happens if your dog starts escaping the fence?  If you are like me, you would want your money back if you did everything requested by the manufacturer.

Sadly, that doesn’t always happen.  Did you know that most (probably all)  hardware or catalog stores have only a thirty day money back guarantee on their dog containment systems?  That is not nearly enough time to be sure a dog fence will contain your dog the rest of his or her life.

It doesn’t get much better with professionally installed dog containment systems.  You have to do your home work before you buy.

Some companies have the same miserable thirty day guarantee that the catalog stores do.    There is no way I would buy one of those fences for my dogs.  Even if I was sure my dog would be contained, why would I want to take that chance if there are better guarantees out there?

Others don’t mention their pet containment guarantee at all (at least not on their websites).  I wonder why they do that? 🙂  I’ll let you be the judge of the reason for this glaring omission.  I can tell you one thing,  containment is an important issue with dog containment systems.

There are a few companies that offer a one year dog containment guarantee.   Even the companies with a one year pet containment guarantee requires some scrutiny.

One company offers a one year containment guarantee with a caveat … If your dog is not contained after 30 days, you only get refunded the cost of the equipment.  You lose the labor portion of the installation cost.

There is only one company in the world that offers a full one year dog containment guarantee.  That company is Contain-A-Pet.  The only thing you have to do is follow your Trainer’s guidelines for containing your specific dog.  If you do that and the dog cannot be contained, you will be refunded the purchase price of your system.  Why do they do that?

By now you know we are Contain-A-Pet.  Why can we offer this No-Risk guarantee to you?  We use sound dog training and behavior principles to teach your dog how to stay in his yard.  It doesn’t take any longer than the other companies’ fence training; but, it is very effective.